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Texas Franchise Tax Form - Filing or Amending Prior Year Reports

The most current year Drake Tax software can be used to create and print Franchise Tax Returns for reporting years 2012-2020, however, you can only e-file the most current year through the latest version of Drake Tax. For example, new Franchise Tax returns must be created, printed, or e-filed using Drake20. The state requires returns be filed using the updated versions of the forms which are available in the current year of Drake. 

Note: For Drake16 only, due to the “Federal Major Disaster Declaration,” the extended filing deadline for Texas Franchise Tax Reports for report year 2017 has been extended until January 31, 2018. Preparers can, therefore, continue to use Texas approved 2017 report-year forms and e-file (Drake16) until January 31, 2018. This was enabled with TX update 8 in Drake16.

​E-filing is not available for prior year business Texas Franchise Report forms in Drake Tax.

To file a new prior year 2012 to 2019 Texas return:

Use the updated versions of Texas forms that are available in the Drake Tax software. Prior year forms are also available at Texas Franchise Tax Forms.

Make a PDF file copy of any Texas Franchise Report that you prepare for filing. Texas requires Drake to disable viewing and printing in subsequent years to prevent filing a new report from prior-year software. You cannot go back to view or print the report unless you printed a copy or saved a PDF copy of the report when you prepared it.

To amend a previously-filed 2011 through 2017 Texas return:

Use the forms in the Drake tax year software that you used to file the original return. For example, if you are amending Texas 2014 report, which you filed using Drake13, use Drake13 to prepare an amended return.

Do not use prior-year Drake software to file a new prior-year return. Returns filed using the incorrect forms will not be processed by the state.

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