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12141: 1041 - EF Message 5460

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Why am I receiving EF Message 5460 in my trust return and how would I resolve it?

EF Message 5460

SCHEDULE K-1 NOT ALLOWED: A "Grantor type trust" box was selected on screen 1 and data was entered on a screen K1. This is not allowed.

For reporting the income, deductions, and credits of the grantor (or other person treated as grantor), use screen GRS in lieu of screen K1.

Check screen 1 to see if this is a Grantor Type Trust.

If it is a Grantor Type Trust, the K1 screen cannot be filled out. Instead, enter this information on the GRS screen for the beneficiary. Open the GRS screen from the General tab (Other Forms tab in Drake15 and prior), or enter GRS in the Enter Screen, State or City Code field on the main data entry screen.

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