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12145: All-In-One Printer (Canon, Brother, Epson and Lexmark) May Not Duplex Drake Documents

Printing Generally

I have an all-in-one printer in my office which duplexes documents successfully, except for the tax documents I print from Drake.

Your particular printer or driver may not be HP-compatible. That is a Drake requirement for successfully incorporating all embedded specialty print commands like Duplexing.

Drake, following IRS requirements, specifies what pages can be duplexed.

Drake printing functions embed HP compatible codes in with the print jobs. Non-HP-compatible printers (eg. Lexmark, Brother, Canon, Epson, etc.) simply ignore these commands as they are not capable of translating them correctly in many cases.

Despite general commands being interpreted correctly by inkjet as well as laser printers, specialty codes like Duplex may be handled uniquely based on the manufacturer’s firmware and drivers.

Generally, all-in-one printers pose problems in specialty printing as their drivers and firmware are created to handle a wider variety of functions than a dedicated printer, such as fax printing, scanning, copying, etc. The result is that some expanded printer functions may not be performed correctly, if at all.

Note: If you have not resolved a printer issue after exhausting printer settings and Drake Software settings, install the latest printer driver available for your operating system. Review your printer instruction manual or the vendor website for more information.

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