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12159: Referral Coupons

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How do I set up referral coupons? 


At Setup > Options, on the Client Communications tab (Optional Documents tab in Drake18 and prior) under Referral Coupons, enter a number in the Sheets per return field and the discount in Coupon amount. There are three coupons per sheet, so entering 1 sheet per return provides three coupons. The discount amount you indicate is printed on the coupon.

Clearing the Sheets per return field prevents the coupons from printing with the return. There is also a checkbox Do not print referral coupons with organizer

You can edit the text of referral coupons at Setup > Communications Editor. Click the Open button and from the drop list, select Individual > Individual Referral Coupon.

You may customize the Header, Body, and Footer section to fit your needs. The Firm name, Firm address, and Firm phone number, Client name and address and preparer name are pulled directly from the file and are not modifiable at this time without changing information within the return or ​Setup > Firms.

Referral coupons appear in Enhanced View under Miscellaneous as Referral Coupon.

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