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12167: Setup Firm Information (CWU)

CWU Firm Setup

CWU: What information do I have to fill out about my firm in CWU? Can this information be updated from the prior year software?

When the CWU program is opened for the first time after installation, a pop up message will ask if you used the previous year's CWU program. If you did, click Yes, and the software will populate the current year's firm screen with the information from the previous year program. If you click No, or exit the message prematurely, you will need to complete the firm setup manually.

From the Firm menu, select Firm info./Global Settings.

Required entries are:

  • Firm name
  • Contact (Required for e-filing): Enter the name of the person who will communicate with the IRS in reference to the client accounts. The contact is required in order to file electronically.
  • TCC Code (Required for e-filing 1099s): Enter the five-character alphanumeric Transmitter Control Code (TCC) assigned by the IRS/ECC-MTB. 
  • EIN: Enter the Employer Identification Number for the firm. NOTE:  A Social Security Number may be entered in the EIN field. Forms 1099 and W-2 can be e-filed using a Social Security Number; however, if transmitting W-2s with a Social Security Number in the EIN field, the firm must be a sole proprietorship with no employees.
  • EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number)
  • Acct No: Enter your Drake account number as found on the packing slip.
  • Drake Pwd: Enter your Drake Password that is found on the packing slip.

Starting in CWU17, you will enter the New E-file password instead of any previous Drake Passwords that you may have. The e-file password can be located on the Drake Software Support Website > Account > Serial Numbers

  • Email Address (Required for e-filing): The e-mail address is used throughout the program for forms requiring the firm’s e-mail information.

Other entries:

  • Address
  • Zip
  • Phone and Fax
  • Portals Key: Only used by customers who purchase the portals option for payroll.
  • Tax Rates, Wage Base, Social Security, Additional Employee Medicare Tax, Medicare, and Minimum Wage:  These fields are determined by the IRS and were accurate when the program shipped. These figures must be manually updated if they are changed by the government.
  • Backup Path: This is the location where copies of client data are backed up. The default backup path is the drive where the program is installed, then \CWU20YY\Clients\Backups. To specify a different location, enter the path or select the button to the right of the text box and browse to select a new location. This is also the backup location used before every Post Transactions process.
  • Data Path: This designates the storage location for the client files. The default (and recommended) data path is the drive where the program is installed, then \CWU20YY\Clients. Do not change the location of the data path without the supervision of CWU Support. Call CWU Support at (828) 349-5547 for assistance.
  • MICR Printer:  Assign the default printer used to print MICR checks, or at the time MICR checks are printed. MICR check printing requires a high quality laser printer using MICR toner. If using blank (not pre-printed) MICR check stock to print payroll or vendor checks, specify your MICR printer. Choose the button to the right of the MICR Printer text box. Select your MICR check printer from the drop list and select OK.
  • E-File Selections: If you will be e-filing 94x forms, some of the fields in this section must be completed. See "e-Filing Forms 94x - Setup (CWU)" in Related Links below.
  • Drake Hosted: Leave blank unless you are using the Drake Hosted version of CWU. See "Appendix M - Setting Up Drake Hosted" in the CWU User's Manual.

Be sure to click Save when finished entering information on this screen.

For a video overview of the general setup in CWU, including Firm setup, see CWU General Setup.

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