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12168: NY - Set Up Your Registration Number or Exclusion Code

New York

How do I set up my New York Registration Number (NYTPRIN) or Exclusion Code in Drake Tax? I am getting message 1048. 


A New York tax preparer must have a New York tax preparer registration identification number (NYTPRIN) or qualify for an exclusion from the requirement. Either the NYTPRIN or the NY exclusion code must be entered when you set up a New York preparer or you will get red message 1048. Information about NY preparer registration is available from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance web site New York State Tax Preparer Registration.

Please note:
  • When to register or renew: ​You may register now for the 2021 calendar year. 
  • Where to register: You must register with NYS and separately register with the IRS.
  • How to enter your NY Tax Preparer Registration number in Drake: See below. 
  1. From the Home window, go to Setup > Preparer(s).
  2. Select a preparer and click the Edit Preparer button from the toolbar.
  3. In the State Registration Numbers area, click the Registration button. The State Registration dialog box opens.
  4. In the dialog box, click NY New York and enter either the preparer's
    • NYTPRIN,
    • or exclusion code.

    Acceptable exclusion entries. Enter the preparer's two-digit exclusion code from the table below.

Exclusion Code Exemption type
01 Attorney
02 Employee of attorney
03 CPA
04 Employee of CPA
05 PA (Public Accountant)
06 Employee of PA
07 Enrolled agent
08 Employee of enrolled agent
09 Volunteer tax preparer
10 Employee of business preparing that business’ return

Setup Option

If you choose to have one preparer designated and registered who will sign all New York returns for your office, you can use this option:

  1. Set up your designated NY preparer as Preparer number 2.
  2. Go to Setup > Options > States and select NY from the drop list.
  3. Select the option to Set the NY preparer to preparer #2.

When this option is chosen, Preparer 2 is always designated as the preparer on NY returns.

This option overrides only the state preparer, allowing it to differ from federal without requiring you to enter a state preparer number each time.

If all preparers in the firm are registered, it is not necessary to use this option.

The NYTPRIN or NY exclusion code can also be entered on the PREP screen. If this option is used, the entire "STATE PREPARER INFORMATION" section will need to be completed. 

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