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12238: Leading Zeros For MICR Check Numbers (CWU)

CWU Checks

CWU: I need beginning zeros on check numbers that print on the MICR checks.  How can I do this?

Go to Setup > MICR Bank Accounts. Double click an account to edit it. Locate the Digits box.


You can enter a number in this field to define the number of digits in the check number.

If the number of digits in a check number without leading zeros is

  • smaller than the Digits number, leading zeros are added to the check number to make them equal.
  • equal or larger than the Digits number, the check number is not changed.

For example, a “6” entered in the Digits box will render check #4175 as 004175, but will not alter check #114175.

The Digits box default is “0”, or no leading zeros.

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