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12256: Importing a Template into CWU

CWU Data Entry

CWU: I have completed data entry in a CWU template. How do I import that information into CWU?

After you have completed data entry into a template, follow the steps below to import it into CWU.

  1. Open CWU.
  2. Go to Tools > Spreadsheet Imports.
  3. Select the type of template that you have completed in the Choose Type field. The template type appears in the Select File area.
  4. Click Browse and use the browse dialog box to navigate to and select the completed template. On the browse dialog box, click OK. The browse box closes and the path to the template appears in the Spreadsheet File Name field.
  5. Click Go to import the template information. Data was loaded appears under Results when the import is successful.

    Note:  Import fails if an employee code in the template duplicates an existing employee code in CWU:

    or if you are importing a Journal transaction, but the CWU Journals file already contains a transaction

    and you see results like this:

    or this:
  6. Open the client in CWU and use the appropriate data entry screens or a report to confirm the imported information. Always confirm imported data.
  7. If the import is satisfactory, you may want to delete or move the imported template to another location, to avoid mistakenly importing it again at a later time.

For a video overview of the tools menu in CWU, including spreadsheet imports, see CWU Tools.​

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