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12263: Template Import Limits Number of Entries (CWU)

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CWU: When using a template to import data to CWU, Drake recommends limiting the lines to 200 entries per spreadsheet. What if I need to import 300 employees?

If you have more than 200 lines, spread them among multiple copies of the template.

  • Use a template with an .xlsx file extension for import in CWU 2013 and later software.
  • Take care not to duplicate data. In the example below, an employee code in a template that duplicates an employee code already in the software will prevent the data on the template from being imported.
  • Always review the data in CWU after you import it.
  • If a client file already has entered data into it, consider making a backup before you begin importing a large quantity of data into that file.

Employees Import Example:

  1. Make a copy of the CWU Employees.xlsx template, naming it "Import Employees 1.xlsx".
  2. Open "Import Employees 1.xlsx" and enter data until the spreadsheet has 200 entries.
  3. Save it.
  4. Make another copy of the CWU Employees.xlsx template, naming it "Import Employees 2.xlsx". Enter data and save it.
  5. Proceed as above completing multiple employee spreadsheets until all import data have been entered.
  6. Import the spreadsheets one at a time following the prompts at Tools > Spreadsheet Imports. After each import, review the imported data in CWU.

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