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12280: e-Filed Returns Locked After Acceptance

Options Setup

I have set Options to lock client files after EF acceptance, but I can still edit them.

You have checked the option Lock client data file after EF acceptance on the EF tab at Setup > Options.

After setting the option, when you open a return that has been EF accepted, you see this warning message with Yes, No, and Cancel options:

This return has been electronically filed and accepted by the IRS. Changes should only be made if you need to file an amended return. Do you wish to continue?

When you click Yes to proceed, the return opens normally.

When the option Lock client data file after EF acceptance is set, a preparer opening an accepted return

  • can view it and enter data if the preparer's security rights permit it. The displayed message serves only as a warning.
  • can only view it if the preparer's security rights exclude Unlock Client Files. The displayed message offers only the option of viewing the return. Data entry is disabled.

For example, a preparer whose security excludes Unlock Client Files

sees this message when attempting to open an accepted return

and sees grey data entries fields that are "read only"

An administrator and preparers with adequate security can open and edit the return. This message is displayed which allows you to open and edit the return:

Locked accepted returns can also be opened from the Tools menu. The menu selection Tools > File Maintenance > Unlock Client Files does not eliminate the warning message or change the locked status of a return. It simply opens the return to the warning message. A preparer with inadequate security finds this menu selection disabled.

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