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12302: IL - EF Messages 0535, 0561 and Schedule CR


Illinois part year returns that generate EF Messages 0535 and 0561 must be paper filed.

The text of EF Message 0535 states that IL Schedule CR Step 5, Line 44 – 49 must be blank for EF transmission. Step 5: Part-year residents only appears in ILCR.PG3 in view. These lines are not blank when it is a PY return.

EF Message 0561 is generated because only IL Residents can electronically file the IL-CR. A part-year resident generates error 0561. A non-resident on the federal screen 1 (or on the IL CR screen) cannot generate the ILCR.

Suppressing the IL CR:

If you're in a PY return and you do not think the IL CR should be produced, just mark the Nonresident of Illinois box at the top of the IL CR screen (Credits tab).

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