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12318: Exporting From CWU to Drake Tax

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CWU: Exporting From CWU to Drake Tax

This information is adapted from Tool > Additional Tools > Export to Drake Tax in the CWU User's Manual.

This feature exports information from Client Write-Up to the client's tax return in Drake Software for the tax year for which CWU bookkeeping has been maintained. CWU 2016, for example, would export to Drake 2016 for tax year 2016. If a tax return for the client does not exist in Drake, information from Setup > Client Information in CWU is used to create the tax return in Drake. If a tax return for this client exists in Drake, the EIN/SSN is used as the identifier for the client file and CWU exports to the existing tax return.

- If a tax return was prepared in Drake for the client last year, the client’s information must be brought forward from the previous year before exporting CWU data to Drake.
- In Drake, go to Last Year Data > Update 20XX to 20YY (where "YY" indicates the current tax year for which you intend to export data. In CWU2016, you would export to Drake 2016 for tax year 2016). Enter the client’s EIN or SSN, click Add Client, then follow the instructions.

Complete the following steps to select the client data to export:

  1. Go to Setup > Client Information, Business Information tab, and verify that the business type has been selected from the Bus. Type field.
  2. Go to Bookkeeping > Chart of Accounts. Double-click a level 0 account number to export. Only Level accounts are used for this option.
  3. Use the Tax Form drop list to select the form for this action.
  4. Use the Tax Line drop list to select the line on the tax form.
  5. Use the Tax Form Instance field to specify which instance of the form specified in the Tax Form field should receive the exported account information.
  6. Click Save. Follow this procedure for each account number exported.

Complete the following steps to export the client data:

  1. Go to File > Export to Drake Tax.
    Figure 1: Export to Drake
  2. Type the drive letter where Drake Tax Software is installed and the tax year. Do not use colons (:) or slashes (\) when entering the drive letter.
  3. Click OK. The export moves data from that account number in CWU to the form and line you have specified.

No worksheets or schedules are generated in the tax return, so these may need to be created to support the information exported. When multiple accounts in the Chart of Accounts are exported to the same form and line in the tax return, only totals are indicated on the return and overflow sheets are not generated.

Export to Drake prior to performing the Year End Close. The information required for the export is not available after closing the year. Do not run the Year End Close from Bookkeeping > Year End Close the year prior to exporting. When you close the year end, zeroes are exported to Drake for those account numbers higher than the Retained Earnings account. 

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