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12340: IN - County Estimated Tax Vouchers


How do I set up Indiana county estimated tax vouchers?

You can set up IN county estimated tax vouchers from the federal ES screen by following the steps below.

To set up IN county vouchers:

  1. Open the ES screen.
  2. If an ES screen already exists, press Page Down to open a new ES screen.  This avoids affecting your existing ES screen entries.
  3. Select T in the TSJ box at the top left of the screen.
  4. Under State and City Section on the right side of the ES screen, 2019 ESTIMATED TAXES TO BE PAID FOR NEXT YEAR
    1. In the St/City field, select IN for Indiana.
    2. In the Type field, select CO for Indiana County Income Tax.
    3. To generate estimate amounts use option i) or ii) below:
      1. Select the desired ES Code. This calculates the voucher amounts automatically based on the current tax return.
      2. Or manually enter the estimate amounts in the Estimate amt column.
    4. To apply an overpayment to the estimates, use option i), ii), or iii) below:
      1. Select the desired OP Code. This will automatically apply the current overpayment in the manner selected. See note 2 below.
      2. Enter the full amount to apply in Amount of overpayments to apply to 2019. This will apply the amount specified to the vouchers, in order, until completely used.
      3. Or manually enter the amount to apply to each voucher in the Overpayment column.
  5. If a joint return:
    1. Press Page Down to open another new ES screen
    2. Select S in the TSJ box and follow Step 4 above.
  6. View the IN 40ES to confirm that the voucher fields “County Tax 2” and County Tax 3” are as intended.


  • When an overpayment code is selected on the federal ES screen, the program will automatically apply the Indiana overpayment to state and county estimates. This will be done in the following order: state estimates, then taxpayer county estimates, and, finally, spouse county estimates. For more precise control over the amounts to apply to each estimate, use the manual overpayment entries on the ES screen as described in the steps above.
  • The resulting values on IT-40 or IT-40PNR line 19 may not be reflected correctly on the ES_SUM worksheet because the worksheet is not designed to record county taxes and taxpayer/spouse allocations.  In addition, the Filing Instructions and the Letter may also not accurately reflect the results shown on IT-40 line 19.
  • In order to provide a more accurate breakdown of Indiana estimates, Indiana estimated tax worksheet (INES_WK) will print any time estimates are generated and includes a breakdown of state and county estimates calculated.

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