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12342: IN - Worksheet, Filing Instructions and Letter Do Not Reflect County ES Vouchers


I have set up Indiana county estimated tax vouchers using the ES code CO, but why are the results not correctly shown on the ES_SUM Worksheet as well as the Filing Instructions, or the Result Letter.

When the federal ES screen type code CO is used to allocate overpayments and estimated taxes to Indiana county tax vouchers, the resulting values on IT-40 line 19 are often not reflected on the ES_SUM Worksheet because the worksheet is not designed to record county taxes and taxpayer/spouse allocations. In addition, the filing instructions and the letter may at times also not accurately reflect the results shown on IT-40 line 19.

An Indiana estimated tax worksheet (INES_WK) will print any time Indiana estimates are generated on an individual tax return. This worksheet provides an accurate breakdown of state as well as taxpayer and spouse county estimated calculated.

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