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12343: Exporting from CWU into Excel (CWU)

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CWU: How do I Export CWU data to Excel?

Client Write-Up allows you to export Employee, Contractor, Accounts Payable Vendor, Accounts Receivable Customer, Chart of Accounts, and Journal Transaction information from CWU to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet.

To export data from CWU:

  1. Make the appropriate client the active client.
  2. Go to Tools > Export CWU to Excel.
  3. Select the type of data to export from the Choose Type field. The fields available for exporting are listed in the Select Fields section of the window and the Spreadsheet File Name field displays the default export file name.
    • Note:Do not change the file name using the Spreadsheet File Name field.
  4. Select the fields to export by clicking the field name under the Select Fields section of the window or click Select All to export all available fields of the selected data type. Fields selected for export display an X beside the field name.
  5. Click Go. An Excel spreadsheet displays the field information.
  6. Save the displayed spreadsheet using the Excel Save as function with your choice of location, file name and file extension (such as .XLS or .XLSX).

These instructions appear in Tools > Exporting from CWU in the CWU User's Manual. 

For a video overview of the tools menu in CWU, including exporting to Excel®, see CWU Tools.

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