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12371: W2/W3 Processing Interrupted by Kind of Employer Warning (CWU)


CWU: When trying to process a W2/W3, I get a message about "W-3 Kind of Employer" that prevents processing.

You're seeing this warning:

Kind of Employer Missing

You must go to Client Information then to the W2/W3-1099/1098 Setup tab and select the W-3 Kind of Employer. Once this is done the W2's can be processed.

The SSA and IRS have added a new field to the W-3 to identify the "kind of employer".

You must set up this information before you can process the W2/W3. Go to Setup > Client Information, click the W2/W3-1099/1098 Setup tab, make the W-3 Kind of Employer selection, save and exit.

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