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12404: What is On The Fly (CWU)

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CWU: What does “On the Fly” mean?

“On the Fly” is a data entry method that generates a specific form but does not enter the financial data in bookkeeping. On the Fly data entry allows you to generate a form without entering previous transactions that are reflected on the form. For example, you can print a W2 without setting up payroll and entering the payroll transactions that are reflected on the W2. Once the form is generated, none of the financial data is retained in the program.

Note:  A W2c requires the payroll function and cannot be created on the fly. See "W2c - Not Available On The Fly" in Related Links at the bottom of this page.

On the Fly functions appear in the drop list for On the Fly Forms. Some functions can only be done On the Fly:

Function – create or process On the Fly Only
1099 Misc.  
1099 Div. X
1099 Int. X
1099 R X
1098 Mort. X
1099 PATR X
1099 S X
1099 A X
1099 B X
1099 C X
1098 T X
94X Forms  

Beginning in CWU 2018, the On the Fly option is not available.  To create On the Fly forms, you will need to use Drake Accounting. 

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