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12405: Where to Find the CWU Manual

CWU Installation Generally

CWU: Where can I view the Client Write-Up Manual?

The Client Write-Up User's Manual (PDF format) can be viewed online and you can also purchase a hard copy.


Use these links for the

Or, log into Drake Support. From the left side menu, select Training Tools > Manuals. On the right side of the Manuals page, locate Client Write-Up Manuals and click the appropriate link below it.

Purchase hard copy

You can purchase a hard copy of the 2017 Client Write-Up Manual for $25 plus shipping. Log into Drake Support, select Training Tools > Manuals and click Order printed copies of Drake Software and CWU Manuals

Note: Each screen in CWU has a Help button, which will display the portion of the manual relevant to that screen. 

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