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12425: Schedule Live or Record ATF Single or Multiple Payments for a Vendor Invoice (CWU)

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CWU: At Payables > View & Pay Invoices, you can schedule one or more live or record one or more ATF payments for a vendor invoice.

This article describes how to schedule one or more live payments (check) or record one or more ATF payments (after-the-fact cash, check, credit card, electronic or other) after you have created a vendor invoice.

  • To schedule a vendor invoice payment, you must have set up the vendor and created a vendor invoice. For help in setting up a vendor, entering a vendor invoice, or printing vendor checks, see Related Links below.
  • You can schedule a single live payment, or record a single ATF payment at the time you create an invoice. The payment can be full or partial, is optional, and doesn't affect your ability to schedule or record payments later, as described in this article. For more information, see "Schedule Live or Record ATF Payment When You Create A Vendor Invoice" in Related Links below.

After you have created a vendor invoice, you can schedule live payments or record ATF Payments. Types of payments you can enter include

  • single partial payments
  • multiple partial payments
  • full invoice payments

To schedule live invoice payments or record ATF payments, open the View & Pay Invoices dialog box (go to Payables > View & Pay Invoices). Note the ATF column – ATF invoices are indicated by "T", live invoices by "F", depending on how the invoice was created. ATF invoices require ATF payments; live invoices require live payments.

Two examples below demonstrate how to schedule a live payment and how to record an ATF payment.

  1. Schedule a live payment. This live payment example uses a live payment invoice with an $1000 balance. To begin, select the box for the invoice on which you need to schedule payments and click Schedule Live Pmts.

    The Schedule Payments screen opens (shown below). Double click the invoice to fill the Amount and Sched Date fields at the bottom of the screen with information from the invoice.
    1. Schedule full payment. In this live payment example, the total balance of the invoice is $1000.00, and that balance is displayed in the Amount field. To pay the full amount of the invoice, leave the full balance in the Amount field. The Sched Date field defaults to the current date, but you can schedule a different date by entering it or by selecting it from the drop list calendar. Note that you cannot make the payment before the scheduled date, but that you can return to this screen and change the scheduled date if you need to. When you have finished, click Save to save and schedule a full payment of the invoice balance.
    2. Schedule a single partial payment. In the same example with a total invoice balance of $1000.00, a partial payment of $500.00 has been entered in the Amount field. In this example, click Save to schedule a partial $500.00 payment on the invoice balance.
    3. Schedule multiple partial payments. Follow the instructions to schedule a single partial payment, but after clicking Save, click Reset, click the invoice again, click New and then enter the next payment. Repeat the process to schedule payment of the unpaid balance or to schedule further partial payments until the total of the scheduled payments matches the unpaid invoice balance.
    4. Edit a scheduled payment. To edit a scheduled live payment before payment is made, return to Payables > View & Pay Invoices. Select the box for the invoice and click Schedule Live Pmts to open the Schedule Payments dialog box. Double click the invoice to display the scheduled payment under Authorized but not yet Printed. Click Save to keep any changes you make to the payment.
    5. Print a live scheduled check. A scheduled live payment check is displayed for printing at Payables > Live Payments > Print checks on the scheduled date. On or after that date you can select the check there and click Print to print it. You can also edit the date at Payables > View & Pay Invoices to make the check available for printing.
  2. Record an ATF payment. Follow a similar process to record ATF payments. An ATF payment is immediately recorded as paid on the scheduled date – no check is printed. The date can be past, present or future.

    The Record ATF Payments dialog box appears.

    1. Record a full ATF payment. Select the box for the payment displayed and click Record Pmts to record a full payment on the current date. To edit the date or other information before recording the payment, double-click the invoice, make the edits, and click Save Detail.
    2. Record a single partial ATF payment. Double-click the invoice to fill the Payment Detail fields for editing. In this example, the payment Amount has been edited from $1000 to $500. The other fields can also be edited. Click Save Detail  to save the changes.

      The ATF payment is now displayed with the edits you saved. To record the payment, select the box for the payment and click Record Pmts to complete the ATF payment or Exit to cancel the payment. Clicking either button returns you to the View & Pay Invoices screen where the current status of the invoice is displayed.
    3. Record multiple ATF payments. Repeat steps 2.a. and 2.b. for each additional ATF payment you want to record. 

For a video overview of Accounts Payable in CWU, including entering and scheduling invoice payments, see CWU Accounts Payable.​

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