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12462: Return Status - Checking Acknowledgements


How do I check the status of returns I have transmitted?

Drake offers several ways for preparers to check a return status, to see acknowledgements and run reports of accepted and rejected returns. Each method requires that you first post acknowledgements to the EF Database. To post acknowledgements received, select Process Acks from the EF menu and complete that process.

Personal Client Manager (PCM)

Each time the software is opened, the PCM displays ack codes and dates for each return completed by the logged in preparer.

  1. To activate the PCM, log in to the software as an Administrator and select Setup > Options > Administrative Options > Enable logged in preparer’s Personal Client Manager at the bottom left under Main Dialog Options.
  2. Move the scroll bar on the PCM to the right to view ack codes and dates. Click a column header to drag it to a new position if desired. To add state acks to PCM, see Related Links below.

Client Status Manager (CSM)

The CSM can be customized to show ack codes and dates for all returns completed by all preparers. See Related Links below.

EF Database In The Software

View the acks that have been posted to the software.

  1. From the Home window of the software select EF > Search EF Database.
  2. Type a SSN or Name and click Go.
  3. Acks are listed at the bottom of the screen. Highlight an ack to view details.

    This acknowledgement Means
    ACK Code A – State (no state specified) Federal return or extension accepted
    ACK Code R – State (no state specified) Federal return or extension rejected
    ACK Code A – State NC – State Only State return accepted
    ACK Code R – State AZ – State Only State return rejected
    ACK Code A – State DC – Extension Only State extension accepted
    ACK Code R – State MA – Extension Only State extension rejected

  4. If the return is rejected, the reject code displays as a blue link in the middle of the page. Select the link to view details of the reject.
  5. The Submission ID can be found at the bottom of the F2 tab. 

EF Database Online

The online EF Database can be accessed from any location with internet access.

  1. From the Home window of the software select EF > Search EF Database > F10
  2. Log in to the Support site and select Reports > EF Database
    • To check the status for a single return, select the year and enter the SSN/EIN in the next field. Click the arrow to the right to bring up the acknowledgement information.
    • To check status of multiple returns, click Returns. Choose return type and status and pick a date range. The default is the last 7 days.

  3. Click Create Report.
  4. Scroll down to view the report. To view specifics on a reject, select the link for the last four numbers of the SSN/EIN.

More information about these reports is available by selecting Instructions under Returns Report. 

  • Note: You can also print Form 9325 from the online database by clicking the blue link.

Acknowledgement Reports

Various return status reports can be run in the software. Select Reports > Report Manager > EF/Bank Reports > EF – Status and Tracking. For individual returns, the 1040 Returns Never Accepted is the most comprehensive reports for identifying rejects.

View Mode

For individual returns, Form 9325 is produced in view to show the federal acknowledgement. In a business return, the acknowledgments are displayed on the EF Notice page. The submission ID is printed on the form when available. 

Note: Form 9325 can be emailed automatically to the taxpayer if desired; see Related Links for details. 

ESUM Screen

Open the software for the desired year and log in as Admin. Open the return and go to the ESUM screen. The Form name, transmission date(s), Ack date, and ack code are listed. The submission ID is not printed on this screen. 

  • This is the TRAC screen in 2011 and prior.

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