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12587: KY - Amended NR Return KY740-NP


Is there a way to amend an individual KY non-resident return (KY 740-NP)?

Starting in Drake17, the KY740-X form has been removed. To amend a return, regardless of residency status, go to the Other tab of the KY data entry > X  Amended screen > click 'Yes' to auto-fill from the original return if it was done in Drake, otherwise click 'No' and key in the original amounts > Complete Reason for amending > make your changes to data entry for the correction.

A copy of the 1040-X and any supporting schedules will still need to be attached to the paper-filed amended return.

In Drake16 and prior, open screen 1 in KY state data entry, then select the option that states Nonresident and filing an amended return.

When this form is mailed, an explanation of changes will need to be attached to the amended 740-NP along with a hard copy of the original return. 

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