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12630: Reports - Generate a List of All Clients e-Filed for the Year

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How can I see a list of all clients I have e-filed for the year?

There are various reporting options within Drake software and through the Online EF Database.

To create the report in Drake using the report manager:

  1. Go to Reports > Report Manager and select EF/Bank Reports > EF Summary > EF Client List
  2. Click View Report. The Basic Search Conditions dialog box appears. You can modify the option selection to limit the scope of the report. For example, you can limit the report to Accepted Returns.
  3. The report is displayed and can be printed or exported to an Excel-readable file. It includes all clients e-filed up to the date you run the report.

You can also

  • modify the report (click Edit Report) to change any of the report columns or add additional filters. (If you modify filters, copy the existing filter first and modify the copy. This avoids changing other reports that rely on the filter. See "Saved Report Results No Longer Correct" in Related Links below.)
  • create your own custom report by selecting the New Report button in the Report Manager. For reports dealing with e-filing, be sure to select E‐filing and Banking in the Specify Report Type dialog box.

To create a report using the Online EF Database, see "Online EF Database" in Related Links below.

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