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12649: Drake Hosted - Citrix Receiver or Workspace FAQs

Drake Hosted

Drake Hosted: Choose from the following FAQs about the Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace App.

Q1. When installing the Citrix Receiver, I get one of these errors:

  • A pop-up window that says "Setup cannot continue because this version of receiver is incompatible with a previously-installed version."
  • The error: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation packages '' in the box below."
  • The error: "An installation package for the product Citrix Receiver(PNA) cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'PNAWrapper.msi'."

Or when running an application in Drake Hosted, I get one of these errors:

  • “Windows can’t open this file”. The file name is long and the file extension is .ica.
  • "This version of Citrix Receiver does not support selected encryption. Please contact your administrator. [Error 1056: virtual Driver name not found in MODULE.INI]"

A1. The Citrix Receiver was probably not installed successfully. You will need to uninstall the Citrix receiver, reboot your computer, then reinstall the receiver.

Q2: How do I log off/shut down Drake Hosted?

A2: Close all Hosted applications. Then, click the Station Username in the top right and on the drop-down menu, click Log Off. You can also log off from the Citrix tray icon (right-click and select Log Out), or by restarting your computer.

Q3: When starting Citrix, I get: Citrix Receiver Error:  "This version of Citrix Receiver does not support selected encryption. Please contact your administrator. Error 1046: The Virtual Driver is not loaded."

A3: This occurs when launching a Citrix XenApp application after upgrading to a different version of the Citrix Receiver. The applications run without any errors at the second attempt. This issue only occurs when using the Citrix Receiver; whereas using earlier ICA client or XenApp Plug-in versions do not display this error. This issue has been resolved with the 4.0 version release of Receiver for Windows (6/26/13). You will need to uninstall the Citrix receiver, reboot your computer, then reinstall the receiver.

Q4: I already have a Citrix Receiver installed; should I try to use it with Drake Hosted?

A4: If you no longer use the installed Citrix Receiver to access another service, uninstall and replace it. You will need to uninstall the Citrix receiver, reboot your computer, then reinstall the receiver

If you still access another service through Citrix, contact the other service provider and find out 1) Did they provide you a customized receiver?, and 2) Is their service compatible with the latest version of the receiver?

If the other service is compatible with the latest version of the web receiver, follow the instructions above to uninstall the existing receiver and install the new receiver.

If you must use the other receiver because it has been customized, try to access Drake Hosted through that receiver. As info, for optimal performance with Drake Hosted, Drake recommends the current version of the web receiver that has not been customized, but other versions might work.

If Drake Hosted does not perform optimally with your existing receiver, you can consider running your other service with the customized receiver from one PC, and Drake Hosted with the standard receiver from another.

Q5: When I try to run an application in Drake Hosted, I receive this error: Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server. Protocol Driver Error.

A5: This is a generic Citrix error message related to connectivity to the XenApp Server and, thus, the inability to run applications. The message could be caused by configurations that were not fully removed when uninstalling a previously-used version of the receiver. You will need to uninstall the Citrix receiver, reboot your computer, then reinstall the receiver.

Q6: How long can the Hosted service idle before it times out?

A6: Time out:

  • Website timeout (no apps launched, but logged in to page that lets you launch the apps):
    • 12 hours
  • Application timeout (applications actively running):
    • While disconnected (active session, but your workstation is not connected for some reason – lost internet, etc…)
      • 10-15 minutes before the session terminates.
      • If you reconnect during this time, your session is preserved. If you have internet connectivity issues and reconnect during this window, your programs will automatically show back up when you reconnect.
    • While connected (active application running from an active customer workstation)
      • 26 hours (however, a daily software update is performed at 4AM EST and requires all users to be disconnected

Q7: Does Chromebook work with Drake Hosted?

A7: Chromebook users must use the HTML5 Citrix Receiver. This Receiver is enabled in Drake Hosted and should allow you to access your applications. The HTML5 Receiver does not allow access to local drives and peripheral devices such as printers. This means you can access and run your applications from the Chromebook, but you cannot print or copy files to or from a local drive.

Q8: When does planned maintenance (downtime) occur for Drake Hosted?

A8: Software updates (Drake Tax & Drake Documents) are performed daily at 4 am EST and should last no longer than an hour. System updates are performed weekly on Sunday at 4 am EST and should last no longer than two hours. During these planned/scheduled maintenance periods, all users must be logged off. 

Q9: Which printers and scanners are supported by Citrix?

A9.1: Here are some links related to printer-compatibility with Citrix:

Note: Access to Drake Hosted through a browser is no longer supported in general due to compatibility issues. If trying to use Hosted through a browser instead of through the Desktop Citrix Receiver, you may not be able to select your printer under Setup > Printing > Printer Setup even if the printer is supported by Citrix. 

A9.2: Here are some links related to scanner-compatibility with Citrix: 

  • Full list, be sure to filter by XenApp 6.5: Scanners

Even if a printer or scanner is generally Citrix compatible, it may not function properly unless it is also specifically compatible with the version of Citrix on which Drake Hosted is run. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the device is compatible with Citrix XenApp version 6.5

Q10: With Windows 10, can I use Tablet Mode while running Drake programs in the Citrix Workspace App? 

A10: Generally, no. When using Tablet Mode, the screen resolution is altered which prevents the entire app from being visible on the monitor. This can cause general display issues and some users have reported that Drake Accounting freezes when attempting to run the Citrix Workspace App while in Tablet Mode. If you experience issues while running in Tablet Mode, convert your operating system from the Tablet Mode to the Desktop Mode. This restores the Workspace App to the resolution determined by your system preferences and resolves the known issues.

 Q11: I am using the Workspace App on Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB, and am getting the following error: 

SSL Error 4: Attempted to contact - when opening a hosted application. When attempting to open a hosted application, some users may receive the following error: Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server... SSL V3.0 protocol(s). The server rejected the connection.  

What do I do to resolve this? 

A11: That version of Windows 10 can only support hosted products when running Citrix Receiver version 4.10. You will need to download and install that version of the receiver in order to access Drake Hosted. 

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