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Drake Hosted: General FAQs


Q1: Can I do automatic backups to my local drive? 

A1: Not at this time. You can use the backup feature (Tools > File Maintenance > Backup) to back up files to a local drive, but you cannot schedule local backups to run automatically. Drake Hosted does back up your files for you on a nightly basis.

Q2: Why is the "Automatic Updates" feature disabled in Drake Software in the Hosted environment?

A2: Drake Hosted will update your software on a nightly basis, so there is no need to use the Automated Update Manager in Drake Software.

Q3:  I am trying to install updates, but it says someone has the program open.

A3: Similar to running the Drake program locally, all users must exit the software in order to run the update. Users can stay logged in to Drake Hosted, but they must close the Drake program. Note: The Drake Hosted service automatically installs all program updates every night.

Q4: When I try to print, it only shows Send To Microsoft XPS Document Writer, and Drake PDF Printer as the available printers. It doesn’t display my local printers even though they have shown up before. 

A4: Close your Hosted applications and Log Off of the Citrix Workspace app (receiver). Then, log back in and try again.

Q5: I am unable to open a Word or Excel file in Drake Hosted. 

A5: If you have not purchased the Microsoft Office suite in Drake Hosted, those file types cannot be opened.  As an alternative, you can use the Drake Hosted File Browser to copy the file to your local drive and use your local copy of Word or Excel to view/edit the file.  Then, move it back to the cloud using the Hosted File Browser.

Q6: I am trying to restore my current year Drake files in the Hosted version of Drake from a local backup, and it appears to lock up after a couple files. 

A6: Use the Task Manager to "End Task", close all Hosted applications, and log off of the Workspace app (receiver). Then, log back in and use the following procedure:

  1. Identify the location of your local backup.
  2. Open the Drake Hosted File Browser, and browse to your local backup folder.
  3. Copy the backup folder (Copy/Paste) to the Drake Hosted Z: drive, accessible in the File Browser.
  4. Open Drake Software in Drake Hosted and go to Tools > File Maintenance > Restore. Browse to the Drake Hosted Z: drive and select the backup folder.
  5. Run the Restore.
  6. After the Restore is successful, you may choose to delete the backup folder from the Z: drive. 

 By moving your backup files to Drake Hosted, the process should run more efficiently.

Q7: After restoring my files, I get an error that the current year data path does not exist. 

A7: Go to Setup > Data Locations, and choose the Z: drive. Click OK.

Q8: What scanners work best with the Drake Documents in Drake Hosted?

A8: Internally, we have tested a Fujitsu 6130 (document feeder) and an HP Scanjet 7000 (document feeder) with Drake Documents in Hosted.

A Citrix-certified, Twain-compliant scanner should work with Drake Documents. Citrix maintains a list of Citrix-ready scanners on the Citrix Ready Marketplace web page. Other similar scanners should also work. However, It is possible that Citrix scanning functionality/compatibility could vary based on the application being used.


With a “hosted” scanning issue, first try to scan using a local copy of Drake DDM. That will help determine first if it is a Drake Documents-scanner issue or a Hosted-scanner issue.

Q9: How do I set up my email inside of the Drake Tax program in Hosted?

A9: The steps on setting up the email are the same as with the local version of Drake Tax. See Drake Email Setup.

If you are setting up a Gmail account for use in Drake Hosted, you may need to review your device activity on your Gmail account to allow the connection from the Citrix Workspace app (receiver) server location (Franklin, NC).

Q10: Is Drake Documents moved to Drake Hosted when Drake Hosted is first set up (during on-boarding)? 

A10: Yes, you can request assistance with moving the entirety of your Drake Document manager to Hosted. Keep in mind that files in Drake Documents take up storage space which could increase your overall storage used and push you over the 5 GB amount that is included in the Hosting price. See KB 14267 for details. 

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