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12657: W2s and 1099s - Correct Processing Year Needed Current and Prior Forms


CWU: W2s and 1099s for 2018 that are issued in January 2019 must be created in CWU 2018.

You must use CWU 2018 to create W2 and 1099 forms for 2018 employment data. 

If you need to create a 2017 1099 after the end of tax year 2017 (during tax year 2018), the 2017 file must be created in CWU18. To do this, generate the 1099 either on-the-fly or using the contractors menu. Then under E-Filing > 1099/1098 E-filing > Create File, change the Payment Year to 2017 > Save Screen and Create File. This will then show that the file is for a prior year when e-filing.

Installation of CWU 2018 will include the basic W2 and 1099 for 2017. The IRS released these to be used as needed for the 2018 calendar year. The W2 and 1099 in the CWU 2018 package will not have all of the forms and cannot be processed for e-file.

In previous years, you were advised that W2 and 1099 forms were not available if you tried to create the forms in January after you installed the new CWU software. When you install CWU 2018, some forms are available and can be created, but they are for 2018 employment data. They cannot be processed until later in the year.

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