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12695: PA - PA40 Signature


Why does my completed PA40 not display my preparer signature?

Turn this option on: Enable Alternative Signature Option (All Packages) in Setup > Options > States > PA.

For this Pennsylvania option to work, these conditions concerning the preparer must be met:

  • In Setup > Preparers, the option Alternative Electronic Signature must be selected for the preparer.
  • If the Preparer
    • is the ERO, then the PIN entered on the Federal PIN screen must match the preparer's PIN in Setup > Preparers.
    • is not the ERO (the ERO is designated as a specific preparer instead of a paid preparer on the Setup > Options > EF tab), then the preparer’s PIN must be entered in PIN for Preparer’s alternative e‐signature on the Federal PRNT screen.
  • PA EF messages must be cleared.

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