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12751: Organizers and Proformas - Printing Select Forms

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I selected specific forms for an organizer, but when I checked the results by viewing the organizer before I printed it, all of the available forms were displayed. How do I print an organizer with only the forms I have selected?

Only the forms you select when you set up an organizer or proforma are printed with it, but when you view them during the setup process, your form selection is not applied and all available forms are displayed.

When you prepare an organizer or proforma (Last Year Data > Organizers or Proformas), the form selection process filters what is sent to the printer but does not filter what you see if you view the organizer.

The example below displays the organizer print options dialog box after client and organizer option selections. The Form Options button has been clicked to display the list of available forms, of which only three are selected. All but these three will be filtered out when the organizers are printed.

When you click View, however, all available forms are displayed, not just the three previously selected. When you first click View, you see a warning that all forms will be displayed. Click OK and the selected client is displayed with all available organizer forms. You can prepare an organizer for the client and immediately print or email it. Your selections in Organizer View are not saved and do not affect the results of the organizer run. If you complete the organizer run, it produces an organizer for the client without regard to your View selections.

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