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12815: 2441 - EF Message 5066 - No Child Care Expenses Incurred

1040 Individual Data Entry

The taxpayer has dependent care benefits in box 10 of the W2, but did not have child care expenses this year. How do I clear EF Message 5066?
Enter a 0 (zero) on line 16 of the 2441 screen. This produces Form 2441 with 0 expenses and adds the amount from box 10 of the W2 to the amount on line 1 of the 1040 (line 7 in Drake17 and prior). The box 10 amount is added to taxable income because there were no child care expenses and tax was not withheld by the employer.

The literal "DCB" prints on line 1 to indicate Dependent Care Benefit income.

Note: To include a dependent on Form 2441 who has no child care expenses, go to screen 2 Dependents and enter 0 (zero) in that dependent's field Qualifying childcare expenses incurred and paid in 20XX.

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