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How do I resolve EF Message 0208 in a return with a state like New York that doesn't use employer state ID numbers?

On screen W2, enter None in the line 15 field for Employer's state ID number:

Beginning with the 2014 filing season, IRS requires entry of an employer state ID number. Failure to enter both the state abbreviation and the employer's state ID number causes Error Message 0208 which states:

If Form W-2, Line 16, State Wages Amount,  has a non-zero value, then Line 15 Employer's State Code and Employer's State ID Number must have a value.

Go to W2 Screen, line 15, and enter missing Employer's State Code and/or State ID Number.

The applicable state abbreviation should also be selected in the drop down box for box 15​If no selection is made, the program will default to the resident state recorded on screen 1 of the return. 

Note: If the resident state on the return is listed as Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, or Wyoming, and only box 16 is populated in the state fields on the W2 screen, we will not require additional entries in the state W2 fields and the state wages will be ignored by the program.

If the W2 was issued from a state which is not the resident state, it is imperative that the correct state information be keyed on the W2 screen (as indicated by note 038 or 039 in view mode). 

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