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12894: Using CWU e-File Functions - Prerequisites

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CWU: What is needed to use the electronic filing functions in CWU?

Processing, printing and e-filing of 94x, W-2, 1099 and State Wage Reports are available only when the full program is installed, which requires a licensed serial number.

94x Package

To e-file 94x returns to the IRS, you need:

  • An active, valid EFIN that includes specific authority for you to e-file 940 and 941 returns. Go to e-services - Online Tools for Tax Professionals to apply for an EFIN or to modify an existing EFIN.
    • You must have or set up an IRS e-services account to do this.
  • An appropriate IRS-issued PIN if you file as a Reporting Agent or as a Business Taxpayer.
  • The correct EIN and Name Control for your firm and for each employer for whom you e-file.

W-2 Package

To e-file W-2s to the Social Security Administration, you need:

  • A user ID and password assigned by the SSA.

1099 Package

To e-file 1099s to the IRS, you will need from the IRS:

  • A Transmitter Control Code (TCC).
  • A FIRE (Filing Information Returns Electronically) account.
  • A specific approval based on a test e-filing, if the state to which you intend to e-file participates in the Combined Federal/State Program.

State Wage Reports

CWU creates a quarterly electronic submission file for many states. They are created based on live payroll checks printed from the software (Employees > Live or ATF Payroll). Live Payroll checks must be printed, while ATF payroll checks are entered.

For more information, browse the KB category Client Write-up > States or CWU State Wage Reports.

Each state to which you can e-file a state wage report is covered by an article appearing in both categories that explains the state e-file process.


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