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12924: GruntWorx Trades - Not Enough GruntWorx Dollars for the Job


When I submit the job, what happens if there are not enough GruntWorx Dollars in my bank to cover it?

You won't be able to retrieve (download) the job until enough dollars have been purchased and added to the GruntWorx account to cover the job.

You can submit a job if the amount in the Balance Information section of the GruntWorx dialog box matches or exceeds the number of dollars that is anticipated for the job. If additional dollars are needed to cover the trades balance, once it is completed, you can click the blue Add to Balance link on the GruntWorx dialog box. 

If a Trades add-on turns out to require more GruntWorx Dollars than anticipated (so that the job cost exceeds the dollars you have available), you simply need to purchase additional GruntWorx dollars before you will be able to retrieve the job.

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