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12980: AL - Status of Business Privilege Tax Returns


Status of Alabama Business Privilege Tax Returns

Alabama Business Privilege Tax returns are available in the AL > Privilege Tax tab for individual, corporation, s-corporation, partnership and fiduciary packages.

Note: To produce the BPT-IN, the entity would have to be incorporated and start doing business in Alabama during the year following the tax year. For example, to produce a BPT-IN within Drake20, the Date started doing business in Alabama field on Alabama screen BPT and the Business start date on Federal screen have to be between 01-01-2021 and 12-31-2021.

E-filing -

  • Forms CPT (corporate) and PPT (S corp and partnership pass-through) can be e-filed.
    • Note: The AL Business Privilege Tax Initial Privilege Tax Return, form BPT-IN, is not an e-fileable form; it must be paper-filed.
  • Individual BPT e-filing is available.
  • Fiduciary BPT is not e-filable, it must be paper filed.

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