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12983: RI - Form TX-16, Claim for Refund of TDI

Rhode Island

How do I produce Form TX-16 to request a refund of excess Rhode Island temporary disability insurance tax?

Form TX-16, Claim for Refund of Temporary Disability Insurance Tax should be submitted only if during a prior calendar year the taxpayer worked for two or more Rhode Island registered employers. See TDI Refund Application Information for more information about completing the form. 

Note that the TX-16 instructions tell the taxpayer "List only Rhode Island registered employers from whom you received wages on which Rhode Island Temporary Disability Taxes were paid." Generally, you should expect to find that indicated in box 14 of the W2.

Form TX-16 is produced automatically when:

  • There are at least two W2s present in a return.
  • TDI in box 14 on at least one W2 is entered, indicating that an employer paid RI TDI. The entry is made in the software on the W2 screen in field 14 Other using the description TDI and the amount of TDI paid.
  • The amount of RI wages for all W-2s exceeds the Rhode Island Temporary Disability Insurance Fund taxable wage base. Those wage bases are as follows: 
    • 2021 - $74,000
    • 2020 - $72,300.00
    • 2019 - $71,000.00

Use RI screen TX16 to either complete the TX-16 or to suppress the form.

The completed TX-16, and copies of the taxpayer's W2s from the listed employers, must be paper filed to the address shown in the TX-16 instructions.

Note: Spouses may not combine wages or TDI withholding. A separate form is required for each spouse, based on the wages and TDI withholding on that spouse’s W-2.

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