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13039: ME - Amended Returns Changed For TY2013 and Later


How Do I Amend Form 1040ME, Individual Maine Income Tax Return?

Beginning with tax year 2013, Maine Form 1040X-ME, Amended Maine Individual Income Tax Return, is eliminated. Form 1040ME, Maine Individual Income Tax, now includes an indicator to show the return is amended.

In tax year 2012 and earlier -

The amended return is Form 1040X-ME. In Drake 12 and earlier software, the amendment process uses -

  • That year’s screen X, which offers an autofill function.
  • Screen X2 for any explanation needed for the changes.

In tax year 2013 and later -

The amended return is Form 1040ME with the amended return indicator marked at the top of the form. In Drake13 and later software, the amendment process uses 

  • Screen XWKS Amended Worksheet for the autofill function (the equivalent of prior-year screen X). The autofill function must be used for accurate results.
  • Screen X for any explanation needed for the changes (the equivalent of prior-year screen X2).

Maine amended returns are not eligible for e-file.

Note: If you intend to prepare an amended Federal return, first open and autofill ME screen XWKS to capture the existing data on the filed Maine return (when you amend the Federal return, changes may flow to the Maine return and modify the original values). Next, complete the Federal amended return. Then, complete the Maine amended return.

Steps to Amend a Maine return in Drake13 and later software:

Screen XWKS must be used to prepare a Maine amended return.

  1. Assemble the data necessary to complete the amendment.
  2. Open ME screen XWKS. Click Yes to accept autofill. This function is required for accurate results.
  3. Go to View and verify the information displayed on MEX_WKS, Maine 1040 Amended Worksheet.
    • You can use this worksheet to track and verify the effect of changes on a refund or tax due. The last two lines on MEX_WKS display any refund, which flows to Form 1040ME line 26, and any tax due, which flows to line 32a.
    • Note that when screen XWKS autofill generates the MEX_WKS, Form 1040ME has no values on line 26 on down until an amending change is entered.
    • Do not file the MEX_WKS with the amended Maine return. It is for your assistance and reference in reconciling the amended changes.
  4. If you are amending the Federal return, complete that step now before proceeding.
  5. Amend the Maine return - change existing data or enter new data where appropriate.
  6. If an explanation of changes is needed, enter it on screen X Amended Explanation.

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