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13085: Watermarks Available in View/Print for All Documents and Sets Printed or Emailed

Printing Generally

Watermarks are available in View/Print for All Documents and Sets Printed or Emailed.

Watermarks can be applied, on the fly, to all documents printed or emailed from View/Print, except for the Sets tab. Watermark options are always provided on the dialog box when you print or email:

Note: The on-the-fly options for the Client Set and Preparer Set watermarks refer to the Watermark text fields set up on the Sets tab, described below.

Exception - Printing Watermarks from the Sets Tab.

In Enhanced View, Printing from the Sets tab does not produce a dialog box with watermark options.

Client and Preparer print set watermarks are automatic if indicated on the F6 'Sets' Setup tab at Setup > Printing > Printer Setup. With this setup, you can print the entire Sets tab in View without managing client and preparer set watermarks individually.

Use the F6 'Sets' Setup tab

  • To automatically watermark the Client and Preparer sets when they are printed from the Sets tab
  • To supply what's in the Watermark text field
    • as Client and Print set watermarks
    • as on-the-fly watermark options.
  • To provide the default selection of the appropriate watermark option on the email dialog box, which you can clear or override.

The F6 tab settings do not otherwise affect printing from the All Forms tab or the other individual tabs in View.

This process works essentially the same way in Basic View.

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