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13124: Punctuation in Data Entry

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How do I clear an error involving an invalid character?

Limited punctuation is allowed by the Modernized e-File (MeF) system. Only single spaces, hyphens ( - ), and slashes ( / ) are allowed in most fields.

A corporate return allows letters and numbers in the corporate name. The following special characters are also permitted:

  • Pound sign ( # )
  • Ampersand ( & )
  • Apostrophe ( ‘ )
  • Parentheses (  )
  • Hyphen ( - )
  • Blank space

Common punctuation errors include a period ( . ) after street name or P.O. Box as well as a comma ( , ) in the firm’s name. To correct these, calculate the return and double click on the error message (Calculation Results window) to see where the invalid character is located. It may be necessary to retype that field.

In View/Print mode, the MESSAGES page also tells you where the invalid character exists.

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