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13244: 1040 - Importing Multiple Schedule D Transaction Spreadsheets

1040 Individual

Can I import multiple Schedule D spreadsheets or multiple GruntWorx trades jobs into the same return?

You are able to import multiple Schedule D spreadsheets, as well as multiple GruntWorx Trades jobs into a single return. For each import, a new 8949/Schedule D, screen is added.

To import these, you will need to go within data entry of the return, and select the Import button in the toolbar at the top. You will next select Form 8949 Import / GruntWorx Trades. Once you select this, you will need to note the Instructions on the first screen, concerning file format and compatibility. 

Note: If you have additional questions, you can click the Help button for more information.

Once you are on this screen, you will need to click the Next button to open the Form 8949 Import / GruntWorx Trades - Step 1 dialog box. You will then use the Browse button to find the first document you wish to import. After completing the import process, you will then repeat it for each additional spreadsheet you want to import.

Note: Be careful when selecting files to import. If you import the same spreadsheet more than once, the imported information will be duplicated. The import process always adds an additional 8949 or D screen to those already in the return. The process does not override or eliminate duplicate entries resulting from a previous import of the same spreadsheet.

See Related Links below for more information. Watch the videos 8949 Import Options and 8949 Import Tool for details about the process.

Microsoft Excel 2003 or later is required for import. 

  • Must be the full program downloaded from Microsoft, not the Microsoft store (app store). Check to ensure that the full program is installed under your computer's control panel > Add/remove programs

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