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13395: Pricing for ACA Forms and Worksheets

Pricing Setup

How do I set up pricing for the forms and worksheets needed for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

Go to Setup > Pricing

The record numbers (select from the Number column on the left of the Pricing Setup window) are as follows:

Forms and Software Screens

  • HC screen – ACA Minimum Essential Coverage Verification (full-year coverage marked on top right of 1040 page 1 (Previously 1040, line 61; 1040A, line 38; 1040EZ, line 11)) - Record 0144 (Drake18 and prior years)
  • ACA screen (used for future calculations) -  Record 0145 (Drake17 and prior years)
  • Form 1095-A (95A screen) – Record 0143
  • Form 8962 (8962 screen) – Records 0124, 0125
  • Form 8965 (8965 screen)  - Record 0026 (Drake18 and prior years)


  • 8962 Worksheets – Records 0134, 0135, and 0136
  • 8965 Worksheets – Records 0139, 0140, 0141 and 0142 (Drake18 and prior years)

Double-click on each record to bring it to the top for editing. Click Update before going to the next record.  When you are finished, click Save at the bottom of the window before exiting.

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