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13396: Tic, Tie, Calculate (TTC)

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What is Tic, Tie and Calculate?

Tic, Tie and Calculate (TTC)TM is integrated with Adobe Acrobat to offer preparers a way to organize and annotate digital .PDF files.

Note: TTC requires the full Adobe Acrobat program, Acrobat Standard or Professional 9.0 or higher. The Reader is not sufficient. Drake Hosted only includes Adobe Reader, not the full Adobe Acrobat program, therefore TTCTM is not able to be use in Drake Hosted.
For information on Adobe Acrobat purchase or subscription, visit

TTC can be used in conjunction with GruntWorx to edit PDFs or organize them.  For example, add tic marks, link items on a PDF, add a sticky note or add machine tape to the PDF.

Features include:

  • Hyper-linked cross references
  • Page sign-offs
  • Digital calculator tapes
  • Customizable tick marks
  • Automated bookmarking and repagination
  • Single click page rotation
  • Multiple monitor support

This product is offered by cPaperless.  A demo of what the product does is available on the cPaperless website, along with access to a trial version, pricing, and purchasing information.  A video demonstration can also be watched at TicTie Calculate.

To purchase, contact cPaperless at:

  • cPaperless
  • or call sales at (800) 716-2558 Ext. 100.

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