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13491: Drake Zero - Test EFIN Error When Submitting Return

Drake Zero

In Drake Zero, when I submit a return I get an error that says I still have a test EFIN, but in my Drake Account, my permanent IRS EFIN has replaced the test EFIN.

Drake Zero does not automatically update when your IRS EFIN is entered in your Drake account. Use the following procedure to manually update it.

  1. Log in to your Drake Zero management portal (the multi-year hub).
  2. Choose the current tax year from the drop list and click the launch button. 
  3. Go to Setup > Firm Setup.
  4. Note the EFIN field:

  6. Verify that your information is correct. If partnering with a bank or Protection Plus, click Retrieve to pull in your banking information. 
  7. At the bottom, click Save and exit Drake Zero.
  8. Log back into Drake Zero hub and re-launch the relevant tax year.
  9. On Firm Setup confirm that your EFIN has been updated.

For more information, see Related Links below. For information on updating your Drake account with your IRS EFIN, see Related Links below. 

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