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13604: TX - Texas e-File Reject 3696


TX - E-File Reject 3696

Texas Reject 3696 states:

Invalid Security Information. Web File number or last reported total revenue is incorrect or blank. Contact Texas Comptroller @1-800-442-3453 for your Web File number.

You must have the correct WebFile number or the correct prior year total revenue to resolve this reject.

The WebFile number for Franchise Tax begins with the letters "XT" and is followed by six numbers. If the taxpayer cannot find their notification letter or delinquent notice, they can contact the State at (800) 442-3453 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to request a duplicate letter.

Need a WebFile number?

Call 1-800-442-3453, enter the taxpayer number when prompted and choose option number 1. Their automated system will require identifying information, such as total revenue from prior report or last payment amount (if greater than zero), before releasing the WebFile number.

If you do not have the Comptroller’s letter or do not remember your WebFile password – call 1-800-252-1381 for help.

Once you have the WebFile Number or prior year total revenue, open the rejected return in Drake, go to the States tab and select Texas. Next, open the Reporting Entity screen (Texas screen 1) and enter the information in the Required to E-File section. Recalculate and e-file the state return.

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