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13623: IRS - e-Help Desk for Tax Professionals - not Taxpayers

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IRS - e-Help Desk for Tax Professionals - not Taxpayers

The IRS provided additional information about their e-Help Desk service, including best uses, in their IRS QuickAlerts for Tax Professionals, April 13, 2015:

"Subject: Inappropriate referrals to the IRS e-help Desk are causing longer hold times.

Each filing season, the e-help Desk receives phone calls from taxpayers because their tax preparer referred them for assistance resolving rejected returns, tax law and tax account matters. This increases the taxpayer’s burden and causes lengthier delays for everyone. The e-help desk cannot help these callers and must direct them to other sources for assistance – typically including Publication 5136, IRS Services Guide. 

The EPSS e-help Desk is intended specifically to assist tax professionals (Enrolled Agents, Reporting Agents, Electronic Return Originators, Certified Public Accountants, etc.) with non-account related questions and issues concerning e-products. They do not provide support to individual taxpayers experiencing e-filing issues."

 See the IRS QuickAlerts site to learn more about that service.

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