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How do I reply to an existing discussion in the Drake Forums or start a new discussion?

In the Drake Forums, you can:
  • Join an existing discussion (or "thread") by posting a reply to the thread, or
  • Start a new discussion by selecting the appropriate Forum and posting a new thread there.

To post, log in to the forums on this web page, or log into Drake Support,  then select Support > Drake Forums and click the Log In link.

Search before you post

It is a good idea to search the Forums before posting anything. There may be an existing thread to which your question, comment, or concern may apply. You may find your issue has already been addressed. If not, you can join the relevant discussion by posting a question and get input from other Forum users who are already involved in the discussion.

Forums search functions are available in the top, right corner of the Forum pages:

Posting a question or comment to an existing thread

Questions or comments can be posted as replies to a thread from within the thread. You first must open the thread in order to post a reply. In the example below, a thread in the Tax Talk Forum is open.

  1. To reply, click Reply to Thread at the top left side of the screen.

    This takes you to the Quick Reply area at bottom of the screen. Click Go Advanced to access the available reply tools:
  2. Complete a message, add a Title, if you wish, and click Preview Post to review it. Make any desired changes in the edit window, and when you are satisfied, click Submit Reply.

Posting a New Thread

  1. Click Forum in the upper-left corner of the screen. The list of forums opens.
  2. From the Forums list, select the forum where you want to create a new thread. In the example that follows, the Suggestions forum is open for posting a new thread.
  3. Click the Post New Thread button at the top left:
  4. In the Post New Thread window, enter an appropriate Title that reflects your concern. It could be a question, a statement or a phrase that tells other users the nature of your post. Enter a message that poses your issue and provides any needed background or comments. Complete any other actions you desire from the editing options provided on the screen.
  5. Click Preview Post to preview your post. Make any desired changes in the edit window, and when you are satisfied, click Submit New Thread.

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