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13777: Add Footers and Page Numbers to Your Letters

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Can I add a footer or page numbers to letters?

Yes, beginning in Drake15, you can:
  • Add your firm’s contact information (firm name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) to the footer at the bottom of every letter.
  • Add the page number to either the letterhead or the footer.

Adding or Editing a Footer

To add a footer

Select Setup > Communications Editor > Setup > Page Layout. Mark the option Use footer on letters. Choose OK at the bottom of the screen.

The default footer setup displays firm name, phone and fax:

To edit the footer

Edit the footer at Setup > Communications Editor by choosing Open, selecting a package, and then choosing Footer (All Packages).

Edit the Footer as you desire and then click Save. View a return to confirm that the desired changes were made to your letter.

To add a footer image

At Setup > Communications Editor > Setup > Page Layout, mark the option Use footer image on letters and set the image position in inches.

You can enter the path or browse to select any black and white bitmap image. For image size comparison, the default system footer image (\DRAKEYY\CF\LOGOFTR.bmp) is 21 x 33 pixels.

Adding a Page Number

To add a page number to either the letterhead or the footer, open the section you want to edit by going to Setup > Communications Editor. Choose Open, select a package, and then choose Letterhead (All Packages) or Footer (All Packages). Select a location in the letterhead or footer and double-click the Page Number keyword to insert the keyword there.

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