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13787: Changes in Affordable Care Act (ACA) Screens

1040 Individual Data Entry

Drake15 includes simplified data entry and additional notes to assist in completing ACA forms.

Necessary ACA forms are located on the Health Care tab, and beginning in Drake15, the following screens have been moved or added to this tab to consolidate health care forms in one place:

  • LTC Long Term Care Premiums
  • SEHI SE Health Insurance/SE Pensions
  • 8885 Health Coverage Tax Credit
  • 8941 Small Employer Health Insurance Credit

The HC screen has been simplified with fewer questions to be answered. The Individual Shared Responsibility Payment (SRP) is calculated by the software when the tax household is not in compliance, and the calculation is no longer optional.

Due to changes from the TCJA, the penalty for not having minimum essential coverage is zero starting in tax year 2019. Starting in Drake19, the HC screen has been redesigned for record keeping purposes. If the taxpayer received a 1095-A, this will still need to be reported on the 95A screen.

Another addition this year is the “Preparer’s Summary of Affordable Care Act.” This form is displayed on an ACANOTES page when you view the return.

  • When not all members of the tax household are compliant with the ACA, the ACANOTES page displays a table showing the healthcare coverage for each member, with a code identifying the member's coverage status for each month. Blank fields indicate months when there was no coverage or exemption, for which the software calculates the SRP for the member.
  • When all members of the tax household meet the ACA requirements, the ACANOTES page reflects that fact.

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