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13797: 990-PF - Direct Debit Available

990 Tax Exempt

Can I send a payment electronically when I e-file a 990PF?

Beginning in Drake15, an electronic payment screen (PMT) has been added to the 990 package for payment on Form 990PF only. The PMT screen can be accessed from the Data Entry Menu on the Form 990PF tab or by entering PMT in the selector field and pressing Enter.

Completing the PMT screen produces a Payment form in view mode that displays the ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment information that will be transmitted with the return. A DD_PMT form also is produced in view mode to confirm what will be directly debited.

Note: If you fail to answer the Federal selection question on the PMT screen, messages 5543 and 5908 appear on your MESSAGES page in view mode directing you to return to the PMT screen and select Yes from the Federal selection drop list.

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