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13826: Another instance of Drake Software is Running - Erroneous Prompt

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I am getting a message that another instance of Drake is running, but it isn’t. What do I do?

When you try to open Drake Tax in Windows 8.1 or 10, you may receive an erroneous prompt that another instance of Drake for the same tax year is running, even if it's not:

Before responding to the prompt, check your task bar for an open instance of Drake Tax (or the prior-year version named in the prompt).

  • If the same tax year of Drake is not already open, click Yes to open Drake.
  • If it is already open, and you don't want a second instance open, click No and click the Drake task bar icon to return to the open instance.

This problem can occur in any version of Drake running under Windows 8.1 or 10. It is less likely to occur if you regularly close Drake from the Home window using the X button at the top right, rather than closing at the task bar.

The problem is caused by the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems, which may hold a program open in the background for a short time after you close it, in a kind of cache, to improve system response times. When this occurs, you can see the "background" copy displayed in Task Manager immediately after closing Drake. To access the task manager, press CTRL+Shift+ESC on your keyboard to review active processes and apps. To close a program from the task manager, select the program or app and click End Task. This process should only be used if the program is unable to be closed through normal procedures such as the Exit or X selections. 

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