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13900: 8965 - Dependents Without SSNs (ACA)


A taxpayer has two dependents without a social security number or other tax identification number. Both are covered by health care exemptions, but I can't select them on screen 8965. How do I eliminate the penalty that the software is calculating?


Due to changes from the TCJA, screen 8965 is not available starting in Drake19 as the penalty for not having minimum essential coverage is zero starting in tax year 2019. No exemptions are available, or necessary, starting with tax year 2019. The following information applies to tax year 2018 and prior.

You cannot: 

  • Select a spouse or dependent on screen 8965 who lacks a numerical entry for the SSN field.
  • e-File a return with a spouse or dependent who lacks a tax identification number (EF message 0071 or 0068 prevents e-file).

Use this Form 8965 workaround to paper-file a return with a spouse or a dependent who doesn't have a tax identification number:

  1. On screen 1 for a spouse and screen 2 for a dependent, in the SSN field, enter a digit and press CTRL + F to exit the field. Use sequential digits and repeat for each dependent who lacks a tax ID.
  2. On screen 8965, select the appropriate digit for the spouse and each dependent from the SSN drop list.
  3. Complete and print the return. On forms that will be filed, use correction fluid to mask the digits displayed in place of the spouse and dependent SSNs.
  4. Paper-file the return.
This process can be useful for other individuals, such as the Amish, who do not have SSNs due to religious reasons. 

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