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13954: Insert a Letterhead or Logo

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How do I display a letterhead or a logo in result letters and bills in Drake Tax?  


A standard letterhead comes with Drake Tax. It may meet your needs, but you can review or edit it.

A standard logo is not available (only a default image is available). You must already have a logo .BMP file that meets Drake software requirements, either the one you used in prior years or a new one you have created. See Related Links below for more information. Note the save location of your logo as you will need to browse to that location to tell the software where to find it.

To proceed, go to Setup > Communications Editor. The Client Communications Editor opens. Click the Setup icon on the toolbar and select Page Layout to open the Page Layout dialog box. Make your letterhead and logo selections there.

On the Page Layout dialog box shown below, the following information applies:

  • "Letterhead" refers to the standard or edited letterhead. The software already knows where to find this letterhead template.
  • "Logo" refers to the .BMP image file shown in Browse for bitmap logo.
    • The path to your logo must be displayed in that field. Click the Browse for bitmap logo link to browse to the location.
    • If you used a logo last year and updated Drake Tax settings from last year, this field already displays the original logo location from last year.

The image below shows a letterhead/logo setup for letters and bills:

Click OK to save changes.

Open a return and go to View to examine the results in the letter and bill.

  • The letter that appears is determined by your selection at Setup > Options > Optional Documents > Letter Options. If No Letter is selected, no letter appears in View.
  • The bill that is displayed is determined by your selections at Setup > Options > Billing > Select Bill format and Billing statement format. If your Billing statement format selection is Do not prepare a bill, no bill is displayed.

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