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14067: Shared Policy Allocation (ACA)

1040 Individual Data Entry

How do I fill out the Shared Policy Allocation section of the 95A screen?

Under certain circumstances, the Health Insurance Marketplace will provide Form 1095-A to one taxpayer, but another taxpayer will also need the information from that form to complete Part 4 of Form 8962.  The recipient of Form 1095-A should provide a copy to other taxpayers as needed.

If the taxpayer furnished a copy of the issued 1095-A to another taxpayer for the purposes of shared allocation, the information regarding the allocation is entered at the bottom of the 95A screen. The software uses the information entered to calculate any allocated Premium Tax Credit (if applicable).

Enter the other person's Social Security Number (the person to whom the copy of the 1095-A was furnished) in the SSN of OTHER Taxpayer field (SSN of Sharing taxpayer in Drake19 and prior). Also enter the percentages of the annual premium allocated to the other taxpayer (the percentage of premiums that will be reported on the other person’s return), the annual cost of second-lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) allocated to the other taxpayer, and the annual advance premium tax credit payment (if any) allocated to the other taxpayer in the appropriate fields. Select the months that the shared policy allocation started and ended. 

Go to View and select Form 8962 PG 2 (8962.PG2 in Drake15 and prior). The SSN of the other taxpayer(s) will be displayed along with the taxpayer's percentage of the premium, SLCSP, and advance PTC (if any).

For example, if the sharing percentage entered on the 1095-A screen as belonging to the other person is 40%, the amount that will appear on the Form 8962 PG 2 in view for Allocation percentage applied to monthly amounts will be 60% (total of shared percentages must sum to 100%). The 60% indicates the percent reported as belonging to the taxpayer on this return and the 40% is the amount that will be reported on the other person's return. 

See the Form 8962 instructions for further information.

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